Architectural Visualisation


3D Architectural Walkthrough

3D Architectural Walkthrough.

Square Pixel Studios has pioneered the art of making 3D Architectural walkthroughs. We have delivered 100+ Walkthroughs for clients like Indian Oil, PC Test, Devon Street, Raymonds to name a few. We follow a process that makes it easy to complete the project with minimum interactions.
360 Degree VR Walkthrough

360 Degree VR Walkthrough.

Square Pixel Studios can help you create a stunning Virtual Reality Walkthrough that can help you captivate your customers in a Virtual Tour and experience your project that gets a spot in their heart. Virtual Reality Walkthroughs are way more interesting than showing a regular walkthrough thus have a better chances of making your customer understand your project better.
Interactive VR Walkthrough

Interactive VR Walkthrough.

We create Interactive VR walkthroughs which are not only self explanatory but also allows user to interact with the simulation. Interaction can be changing the floor, ceiling, wall colors, furniture. Interactive VR can let you check the walkthrough in different time & weather conditions.
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality.

AR gives us an opportunity to place the new building on the table or around of the potential client like it is already complete. The client can walk around it, zoom in, zoom out, can discover not just the natural surrounding but the animated parts, which makes the experience a lot more surreal. Simulated dining table, real size sofa, dynamic furniture – all of these are possible with AR.

We have worked with so many clients that no project is too big for us. There is a reason why we get selected by our clients for repeated work on 3D rendering. The answer lies in our quality of work and how each client’s idea is transformed into visual reality. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We treat each project differently and hence there is so much diversity in our rendering portfolio. Our in house design experts help illustrate complex design projects and create a virtually real environment to showcase your projects.

If you are looking for a quality 3D architectural rendering video for your projects then get in touch with us for a FREE no obligation quote and we will be more than happy to assist you further.