We Ignite Your Senses With Our Technological Expertise

Welcome to our 3D animation page. Your IDEA can change the world! We help in making it happen by our state of the art visual imagery expertise. We transform your blurry thoughts, eagerly waiting to burst into reality, into something which will make you feel special.

Square Pixel Studios is driven by passion to excel in the field of 3D animation and visual effect. We bring in more than 5 years of experience to the table. During these years we have worked with clients from various countries. We have worked on featured animated films, hybrid movies, TV commercials, music videos and much more.

Our clientele includes individual music artists to large scale oil refineries. We have hands on experience in top quality character animation which helps us in producing deep impact visual animated stories with characters to be remembered for a lifetime.

Your simple idea is a complex technical process for us, which goes through a lot phases as mentioned below: Right from concept sketches to final rendering, we take care of everything.

  • Creative & Innovative Consulting
  • Designing Characters and Model Sheets
  • Conceptual Artists Work On The 2D & 3D Images.
  • Rigging, Texturing & Shading
  • Planning The Animated Art
  • Lighting, 2D/3D VFX, Rendering and Composting

So, it doesn’t matter if you are into the film industry, gaming or representing a TV production house. Get in touch to convert your idea into a digital masterpiece.