Explainer Videos

An explainer video is not only a video that exhibits the soul of your products or services, it has a far reaching impact on the viewers that converts them into your perspective customers. In the present world, Users have very short attention spam, Hence and explainer video can get your message across before they get distracted. Its importance reaches sky when it starts representing your brand and catches the eye of the target audience.So the explainer video that is going to be the part of your brand story must be effective in all the perspectives of a strategic marketing. Our qualitative and high-end videos with a wide range of technical styles would ease your way to choose the best video kind per your needs.


3D Animation

While 2d explainers are clean, quick and precise and get the job done, there are many situations where your product need that third dimension. That extra edge to stand out and make it look awesome. 3d animations can be applied where product or services needs to be explainer with life like visuals or very stylized graphics and camera angles are needed.Massive environments, multiple characters and larger then life sets can be achieved within the realm of 3d animation and hence very your brand or product can evoke emotions and deliver WOW experiences to your audience.Within the wide variety of styles and formats to choose from, we will make sure your selection doesn’t go wrong. 


Architectural Rendering

Architectural rendering is the best tool to previsualize and preview your concept. May it be house or a building or an entire township. With our expertise and super amazing pipeline we can bring any floor plan or blue print to life life realistic vizualitions. What’s better is we at square pixel cover a lot of new age formats to visualize and bring your project to life.We make use of cutting edge technology like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360* videos formats for a truly immersive architectural walkthrough experience.This all is covered under reasonable cost so that the project can be delivered on time and within budget.


Visual Effects

The visual effect industries have changed the entire ideology of film making as it made the imagination a possible concept. Now anything from walking with a dinosaur or wrangling with a terrific monster has become a one-take shoot.But it’s not a one day dream as it takes a lot of people behind the curtain to actualize these scenes. VFX is a blanket term used for all the visual possibilities that are possible now to create a dream land in the movies or the high-end advertising industry.And Square Pixel is the right place for your VFX solutions as we see the normal scenes with an eye of creativity, latest techniques and an expertise of many successful years.